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Don Walker

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Don Walker

Don Walker has been played on NTS shows including Noise In My Head, with Last Stretch first played on 12 April 2016.

1- Australian; songwriter for Cold Chisel ( 1951 - ) 2- Californian; 20th century classical composer (1941 - )

3- New Jersey; Broadway orchestrator (1907 - 1989)

1 Don Walker was born in Ayr, North Queensland, in 1951.

As a member of and main songwriter for Cold Chisel between 1973 and 1983 he wrote "Saturday Night", "Cheap Wine", "Standing on the Outside", "Four Walls", "Khe Sanh" along with many others, and co-wrote "Flame Trees". He also wrote and produced the soundtrack for…

Last Stretch
Don Walker
Last Stretch
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