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The Oscillation

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The Oscillation

The Oscillation has been played on NTS shows including Andrew Weatherall Presents: Music's Not For Everyone, with Monographic first played on 14 April 2016.

The brainchild of multi instrumentalist and producer Demian Castellanos, The Oscillation has risen out of the ashes of the critically acclaimed Orichalc Phase (two 12” only releases for DC Recordings in 2006). Having already worked with such luminaries as producer Tim Holmes from Death In Vegas, as well as a new forthcoming project with a member of Chrome Hoof, Castellanos’ position amongst the cream of the UK’s music fraternity will seem inevitable to anyone who hears The Oscillation.

Band member Tom Relleen died…

The Oscillation
All Time Low, Hands In The Dark2016
The OscillationAll Time Low, Hands In The Dark2016