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Vortex Campaign

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Vortex Campaign

Vortex Campaign has been played on NTS in shows including An1ma w/ Molinaro, featured first on 24 March 2022. Songs played include The Melancholy Mad Tenant 1.

The Melancholy Mad Tenant is a release of material by groups Coil, The New Blockaders and Vortex Campaign. The release was limited to an edition of 500, which includes a special cloth bag edition of 100. Track origins

* Track 1 and 2 originally released on the Dolbied cassette (VC, Belgium 1984). * Track 3 originally released on the Slaughter Of The Innocent cassette (Private, UK 1983). * Track 4...
The Melancholy Mad Tenant 1
Vortex Campaign
Infinite Fog Productions2017
The Melancholy Mad Tenant 1
Vortex CampaignInfinite Fog Productions2017