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The Crew

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The Crew

The Crew has been played on NTS shows including All Styles All Smiles, with Cosmic Crusaders (Sax Mix) first played on 18 April 2016.

There are more than one band that go by the title name 'The Crew'. Three of those bands are mentioned below.

I.) The crew is a punk band out of plaistow NH/Haverhill MA. They formed in mid to late 2004. They're line up was Brandan(bass) kendra(guitar) robbie(drums) and rocko(vocals). In 2005 Brendan and rocko exchanged roles and recorded their first full length demo. This Demo is much harder and serious than songs written with there previous lineup.

2.) THE CREW is a collection…

Cosmic Crusaders (Sax Mix)
The Crew
Eclectic Journeys2014
Cosmic Crusaders (Sax Mix)
The CrewEclectic Journeys2014