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The Monotones

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The Monotones

The Monotones was first played on NTS on 29 April 2016. Songs played include Monotone Music.

There are at least four bands who were called The Monotones:

1) The Monotones were a six-member Doo Wop band in the 1950s United States. They are considered a one-hit wonder, as their only song to reach widespread popularity was the doo-wop hit "(Who Wrote) The Book of Love", which peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1958.

The Monotones formed in 1955 when the seven original singers — all residents of the same housing project in Newark, New Jersey — began performing covers of popular doo-wop songs. The…

Monotone Music
The Monotones
Monotone Music
The MonotonesMetronome1979