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Latin Quarter

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Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter has been played on NTS shows including Ruf Dug, with Radio Africa (Dub Mix) first played on 6 May 2016.

Latin Quarter are a Pop / Rock / Folk /Reggae band from the United Kingdom noted for their protest songs, the most successful of which was Radio Africa which was first released in 1984, re-released several times and reached number 19 in the charts in 1986.

Formed in 1984 by Steve Skaith, Mike Jones and Richard Wright (not of Pink Floyd!), the most popular lineup consisted of Skaith, Jones, Wright with Yona Dunsford, Greg Harewood, Carol Douet and Martin Lascalles. Latin Quarter finally…

Radio Africa (Dub Mix)
Latin Quarter (Dennis Bovell mix)
Rockin' Horse Records1985
Radio Africa (Dub Mix)
Latin Quarter (Dennis Bovell mix)Rockin' Horse Records1985