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The Vision

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The Vision

The Vision was first played on NTS on 6 May 2016. Songs played include Shardé (The Epic Version).

There are several artists with the name The Vision:

The Vision is an early alias of American techno producer Robert Hood. He released his first record, "Gyroscopic EP", on the Underground Resistance label in 1991 and also released as The Vision on Tresor, Metroplex and his own Hardwax label.

The Vision is a German dub-reggae group founded by Felix Wolter (aka. Fe), a musican and producer from Hannover. Info about releases can be seen at the label's site

The Vision is an English electro/indie/rock band…

Shardé (The Epic Version)
The Vision
Tu Rong2009
Shardé (The Epic Version)
The VisionTu Rong2009