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Idyll Swords

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Idyll Swords

Idyll Swords has been played on NTS in shows including Death Is Not The End, featured first on 7 May 2016. Songs played include Morning In Miniature.

Idyll Swords are an instrumental band in the Chicago post-rock vein (Gastr del Sol, Tortoise, etc), but actually hail from Chapel Hill, NC. They also use a wide range of 'world instrumentation' in quite non-traditional ways which gives their instrumentals a real edge. Band members include Dave Brylawski, Grant Tennille and Chuck Johnson and they have produced two albums to date, the first is "Idyll Swords" and the second called simply "II" and released on the Communion Label. Dave…

Morning In Miniature
Idyll Swords
Communion Label2000
Morning In Miniature
Idyll SwordsCommunion Label2000