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Belmondo has been played on NTS in shows including EGON, featured first on 10 May 2016. Songs played include Nada Sera Como Antes.

There are seven artists on that go by the name Belmondo, from Poland, Netherlands, USA, Lithuania, Hungary, Belgium and Finland.

I. Belmondo is a polish rapper from Gdynia, Poland. He's CEO of music band named MOBBYN. His releases can be seen on beat producer "SUPREMÉ" channel or on his channel "MOBBYN". He used to be in duo with Oyche Doniz, but some situations made them record solo.

II. BELMONDO is a four-piece Indie-Guitar-Popband, founded in 2002 in Rotterdam/The Hague, Holland. They're specialized in…

Nada Sera Como Antes
Milton Nascimento, Belmondo
B.Flat Recordings2008
Nada Sera Como Antes
Milton Nascimento, BelmondoB.Flat Recordings2008