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Stephen P. McGreevy

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Stephen P. McGreevy

Stephen P. McGreevy has been played on NTS in shows including, featured first on 14 May 2016. Songs played include Eves River Auroral Chorus.

Stephen P. McGreevy has documented recordings he made of Natural Radio - electromagnetic emissions in the very-low-frequency band caused by massive discharges and their after-effects in lightning storms and by the solar wind buffeting the earth's magnetic field, visible as Aurora Borealis and Australis. It would normally take long wires to pick up these emissions, which would hamper the mobility of a listener or recordist.

McGreevy developed a portable receiver with a whip antenna, allowing him to travel to places with…

Eves River Auroral Chorus
Stephen P. McGreevy
Irdial Discs1996
Eves River Auroral Chorus
Stephen P. McGreevyIrdial Discs1996