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Montibus Communitas

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Montibus Communitas

Montibus Communitas has been played on NTS shows including Trevor Jackson , with The Pilgrim At The Woods first played on 17 May 2016.

Montibus Communitas is a psychedelic rock band from Peru. Their music is about cycles, trances, and meditation. They can play mysterious graceful natural beauty even based upon discordant psychedelic music agents seasoned with trippy synthesizer, floating flowery flute, simple keyboard oil, and shouts / voices in another space like inner Orient. Every passion drenched in their dreamy fantasy gets enthusiastic aggressively and at last disappears just like a flame of a candle or flower fire upon a sparkler.


Members : Pedro - bongos,…

The Pilgrim At The Woods
Montibus Communitas
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records2014
The Pilgrim At The Woods
Montibus CommunitasBeyond Beyond Is Beyond Records2014