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Ardo Dombec

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Ardo Dombec

Ardo Dombec has been played on NTS shows including Kit Records, with Open The Door, Open Your Mind first played on 15 May 2016.

Not much is known about ARDO DOMBEC except that they were an early 70's German prog band who released an album with a heavy, bluesy, and slightly jazzy feel, ending up barely sounding German at all. Often compared to COLOSSEUM, their music features a lot of saxophone, often matched by electric guitar and flute. Their arrangements are upbeat and bright, yet the lyrics are rather dark and cynical in contrast. The band consisted of Helmut Hachmann on sax and flute, Harald…

Open The Door, Open Your Mind
Ardo Dombec
Garden Of Delights2002
Open The Door, Open Your Mind
Ardo DombecGarden Of Delights2002