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Fallen Angel

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Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel has been played on NTS in shows including NKISI, featured first on 18 May 2016. Songs played include As The Light Fails.

There seem to be three FALLEN ANGEL artists. 1) Swedish Death/Thrash Metal 2) Danish Death/Grind 3) Brittsh Doomcore duo.

Fallen Angel Band #2 is a Modern/Hard Rock band from the US featuring Male vocals (Wolfe) and female instrumentalists (K, Savarra abd CJ)and features musical characteristics such as moderate to heavy syncopation, great musicianship, Radio Friendly Stylings, modal harmonies, angry and narrative lyrics, strong, gritty and emotional male vocals, light Vocal male/female Harmonies, mixed Minor & Major key tonality, Heavy use of Electric Bass riffs,…

As The Light Fails
Fallen Angel
Last Tomorrow Recordings1998
As The Light Fails
Fallen AngelLast Tomorrow Recordings1998