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Nikkie S & Nyke

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Nikkie S & Nyke

Nikkie S & Nyke has been played on NTS in shows including Murlo, featured first on 25 May 2016. Songs played include Things On My Mind.

Australian born, Nikki S is one of the UK's fastest rising female psytrance artists. Her debut EP on Liquid Records turned heads and rocked dance floors across the globe when it shot to No. 2 in the Beatport Psytrance Charts. With her album just around the corner, this EP gives you a perfect glimpse of what to expect from Nikki S in 2015/16.

Signed to Alchemy and Liquid Records, Nikki launched her DJ career with residencies at some of London's…

Things On My Mind
Nikkie S, Nyke, Baby Katie
Swindle Productions2007
Things On My Mind
Nikkie S, Nyke, Baby KatieSwindle Productions2007