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Felix Lorusso

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Felix Lorusso

Felix Lorusso has been played on NTS in shows including Cosmin TRG, featured first on 26 May 2016. Songs played include Obey (A. Trebor Remix).

Felix Lorusso, born on the 14th of October 1985, became aware of his passion for elecronic music besides the dancefloor in the year 2007. Starting to mix his favoured music , he quickly developed a significant style in his dj sets by using a four channel digital setup. Soon after his first appearances in Hamburg Felix started to produce his own music. Within a short time he found his own expression of minimal music. With athmospheric tracks , stunnig basslines and…

Obey (A. Trebor Remix)
Felix Lorusso (A. Trebor mix)
Cirque Du Minimaliste2013
Obey (A. Trebor Remix)
Felix Lorusso (A. Trebor mix)Cirque Du Minimaliste2013