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Alois Huber

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Alois Huber

Alois Huber has been played on NTS in shows including Young, featured first on 27 May 2016. Songs played include Sit Dub.

Alois Huber, a multiplex workaholic in various parallel genres as an organizer, producer, social engineer, co-founder and the big soul of Laton's backstage. Ex-member of Sabotage Communications und Craft records. Austria´s Grand-Master of deep minimal ambient electronica simplicity as well as creator of mad driven disco turban breaks for the inner- and outer space, released 6 fulllength solo albums and did a hand full of compilation contribution over the last decade on such labels like React, K7!, Craft, Subetage beside Laton, which he…

Sit Dub
Alois Huber
Sit Dub
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