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Bruno Maderna

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Bruno Maderna

Bruno Maderna has been played on NTS in shows including Tafelmusik w/ Francesco Fusaro, featured first on 12 February 2018. Songs played include Musica Su Due Dimensioni.

Bruno Maderna (Venice 1920 - Darmstadt 1973) was an Italian-German director and composer.

At the age of four he was taught violin in Chioggia, and his grandfather noticed he was a prodigy; Madame de Polignac (a French princess and patron) paid his following studies, so at the age of eight he was able to direct the Milano La Scala theatre and the (Verona's) Arena orchestras. From here, he started an enfant prodige career, internationally known as "Brunetto" (italian for…

Musica Su Due Dimensioni
Bruno Maderna
Musica Su Due Dimensioni
Bruno MadernaStradivarius1994