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Carte Blanche

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Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche has been played on NTS shows including Martelo, with Do! Do! Do! first played on 15 September 2021.

There are at least two bands that go by the name Carte Blanche:

1) A collaboration of DJ Mehdi and Riton.

2) With their name taken from a french phrase meaning a license to do whatever the hell you want, you might initially expect Carte Blanche to be some sort of artsy, obscure, punk band. But the exact opposite is true. Richard (guitarist for Light Sleeper) and Dana (bassist for December Stars) balance sweet melodies with jangly guitar arpeggios and strumming. Their music is very honest and…

Do! Do! Do!
Carte Blanche feat. Kid Sister
Ed Banger Records, Because Music2010
Do! Do! Do!
Carte Blanche feat. Kid SisterEd Banger Records, Because Music2010