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Masaru Sato

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Masaru Sato

Masaru Sato has been played on NTS shows including Erased Tapes, with Rikichi's Tears - White Rice first played on 13 June 2016.

Masaru Sato (May 29, 1928 – December 5, 1999) was a Japanese composer of film scores. He was born in Toru City, Hokkaidō and raised in Sapporo. While studying at the National Music Academy, Sato came under the influence of Fumio Hayasaka, Akira Kurosawa's regular composer for his earlier films. He became a pupil of Hayasaka's, studying film scoring with him at Toho Studios, and working on the orchestration of Seven Samurai (1954). When the older composer died suddenly in 1955, leaving…

Rikichi's Tears - White Rice
Fumio Hayasaka, Masaru Satō
Rikichi's Tears - White Rice
Fumio Hayasaka, Masaru SatōDoxy2010