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The Tuff Monks

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The Tuff Monks

The Tuff Monks has been played on NTS in shows including Henry Rollins, featured first on 14 June 2016. Songs played include After The Fireworks.

Tuff Monks was a short-lived band consisting of Nick Cave, Mick Harvey and Rowland S. Howard (each a member of The Birthday Party) with Robert Forster, Lindy Morrison and Grant McLennan (each a member of The Go-Betweens). Their only release was the 1982 7" 45 rpm single "After the Fireworks", on the Australian label Au Go Go Records. The collaboration came about when The Go-Betweens and The Birthday Party found themselves by happenstance with overlapping booked studio time at AAV studio…

After The Fireworks
Tuff Monks
Au Go Go1982
After The Fireworks
Tuff MonksAu Go Go1982