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Stephen David Heitkotter

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Stephen David Heitkotter

Stephen David Heitkotter has been played on NTS in shows including Lukid, featured first on 16 June 2016. Songs played include I Don't Mind.

“Intense real people/fringe LP popular among psych mafiosos, a 3-man band with guitar, bass and drums led by Steven David Heitkotter, presumably recorded inside the mental institution where the guy has been for decades. Track titles include “Hangin’ All Night”, “Quaker, Dog Got Away” and the 14-minute “Fly Over The Moon”. The vibe is intense and feverish like a nightmare, unique LP that lives up to its reputation. This may have been a test press only and comes in a blank…

I Don't Mind
Stephen David Heitkotter
Time-Lag Records, Earmonger2010
I Don't Mind
Stephen David HeitkotterTime-Lag Records, Earmonger2010