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Kush Arora

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Kush Arora

Kush Arora has been played on NTS shows including Bokeh Versions, with Cold World first played on 18 June 2016.

Born and Raised in the Bay Area, Kush grew up as a drummer and electronic music lover and creator in the active experimental, punk and electronic scene taking part in various groups and record labels, playing alongside folks like BIg City Orchestra, Blevin Blechdum, Wobbly, and being a core member of RecordLabelRecords : Fluorescent Grey, and the Great White Hype. All the while, the love for dancehall/dub and the culture punjabi music grew and focus was directed to this. In 2004 "Underwater Jihad" was released,…

Cold World
Kush Arora
Kush Arora Productions2006
Cold World
Kush AroraKush Arora Productions2006