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Luigi Russolo

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Luigi Russolo

Luigi Russolo has been played on NTS shows including Don't Trip w/ Margarita, with Veglio Di Una Citta first played on 20 June 2016.

Luigi Russolo (April 30, 1885 - February 4, 1947) was an Italian Futurist painter and composer, and the author of the manifestoes The Art of Noises (1913) and Musica Futurista.

Russolo was born at Portogruaro, in the Veneto region, the son of an organist in the local cathedral and director of the Schola Cantorum of Latisana. His brothers were also musicians.

Russolo moved to Milan in 1901, frequenting the Brera Academy, and took part to the restoration of Leonardo's Last Supper in Santa…

Veglio Di Una Citta
Luigi Russolo
Veglio Di Una Citta
Luigi RussoloARK1985