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Food Court

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Food Court

Food Court has been played on NTS in shows including Kit Records, featured first on 26 June 2016. Songs played include Fumeux Fume Par Fumée.

Two artists share the name Food Court - 1) A collaboration between Australian avant-classical and electroacoustic practitioners James Rushford, Joe Talia, and Francis Plagne; and 2) a punk band from Sydney, Australia.

Food Court, Sydney’s finest purveyors of sunny, punk fuzz return with their debut EP Smile At Your Shoes. Written and recorded after a 5 month break drinking and eating irresponsibly around the world, Smile At Your Shoes is 6 tracks of 90s grunge with a couple of dirty layers…

Fumeux Fume Par Fumée
Food Court
Fumeux Fume Par Fumée
Food CourtKye2014