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Standish/Carlyon was first played on NTS on 29 June 2016. Songs played include 2 5 1 1.

Futurist dub/pop duo Standish/Carlyon formed from the ashes of shadowy rock group Devastations. Debut album Deleted Scenes continues the process begun on the final Devastations album Yes, U, moving away from full-band arrangements towards submerged electronic rhythms and late-night altered states.

Based in London for many years but now back in Melbourne, Standish/Carlyon have played Belgium’s Sonic City Festival (curated by Liars) alongside Chris & Cosey and Rhythm & Sound, as well as All Tomorrow’s Parties’ new Australian incarnation I’ll Be Your Mirror, alongside the likes of My Bloody…

2 5 1 1
Standish Carlyon
Chapter Music, Felte2013
2 5 1 1
Standish CarlyonChapter Music, Felte2013