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Secret Society

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Secret Society

Secret Society has been played on NTS shows including House Call, with Find Yourself first played on 3 July 2016.

Multiple artists go by Secret Society.

A romanian rock band. See Secret Society Ro A psytrance duo from Portland, OR releasing on H.S.S. (Greece) and Quantum Frog records. Secret society was a rap group that died before it started. It consisted of necro and non phixion but they didn'y have all but a few songs because non phixion broke up due to problems with goretex. Hip-hop collective based out of NC. Spanish singer-songwriter Pepo Marquez takes Will Oldham’s lo-fi sound and the low-profile, confessional songs…
Find Yourself
Secret Society
Tropical Wave Records1992
Find Yourself
Secret SocietyTropical Wave Records1992