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Popera Cosmic

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Popera Cosmic

Popera Cosmic has been played on NTS in shows including Andy Votel's Randomonium , featured first on 3 July 2016. Songs played include Etreinte Métronomique.

One of the first salvos of true otherness from the French underground scene, this mindbomb features the notorious William Sheller, whose 1972 opus Lux Aeterna is a long heralded holy grail of this scene, here collaborating with both eccentric period singer/songwriter and former Alice vocalist Francois Wertheimer and Guy Skornik, who I've previously shared two albums of monster caliber acid folk and kosmniche weirdity by. How promising does that sound, eh? And while the orchestrations that frame the acid rock…

Etreinte Métronomique
Popera Cosmic
Etreinte Métronomique
Popera CosmicCBS1969