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1619 B.A.B.

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1619 B.A.B.

1619 B.A.B. has been played on NTS shows including Kiss Cafe w/ Piper Durabo, with Just For You first played on 13 July 2016.

The group released an album on TSG (TSG801) in 1976 (or 77); simply titled “1619 Bad Ass Band”; which was re-released in 1978 on Graham International (GIR1980).

Kalid Abdul Shaheid, formed the band. All of the band members were from New Jersey. Kalid is on the the Piano, the bass is played by Carl Harris, his younger sister Phyllis is the vocalist. Ogden (kip) O. Lee is the lead guitarist and on the drums was Ernie (teller could'd remember the last name.)


Just For You
1619 Bad Ass Band
TSG Records1976
Just For You
1619 Bad Ass BandTSG Records1976