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Big Hat

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Big Hat

Big Hat has been played on NTS shows including Loose Bones, with Country Death Song (Live) first played on 18 July 2016.

Big Hat was a dream pop band from Chicago, IL, United States, formed of Preston Klik (programming, melodica, trumpet, backing vocals, engineering, manager), Yvonne Bruner (vocals, lyrics, occasional tin whistle), Char Malloy Baum (electric violin, backing vocals) and Jim Stallman (percussion). An early incarnation of the band included Lorien (alto saxophone). The band was once described as "the most 4AD-like band not on 4AD" and, accordingly, their music is ethereal, passionate, haunting, quirky, and highly individual. They released a string of albums, many…

Country Death Song (Live)
Big Hat
March Records1992
Country Death Song (Live)
Big HatMarch Records1992