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Purple Overdose

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Purple Overdose

Purple Overdose has been played on NTS in shows including Loose Bones, featured first on 18 July 2016. Songs played include Her Arms Embraced The Sun .

Purple Overdose are considered among their fans as the one and only local group that revives and improves the fine psychedelic music of the great 60s artists.The group was formed in Athens, Greece in 1988.Their leader, Costas Constantinou, is one of the most talented musicians in Greece. He is the man who formed the group, the lead guitarist, the vocalist, the light spirit who writes their music and his inspiration creates lyrics of exceptional beauty and sensitivity, forming poems…

Her Arms Embraced The Sun
Purple Overdose
Action Records, Labyrinth Of Thoughts2014
Her Arms Embraced The Sun
Purple OverdoseAction Records, Labyrinth Of Thoughts2014