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Rose Red Flechette

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Rose Red Flechette

Rose Red Flechette was first played on NTS on 23 July 2016. Songs played include Burn It.

Rose Red Flechette is the solo project of Connor Murray out of Atlanta GA. From its inception as a powernoise project it has evolved to include darkpsy, drum & bass, hardcore, and even technical metal influences. Incorporating industrial, cyberpunk, transhuman, and psychedelic themes in a sound that includes danceable rhythms interspersed with polyrhythmic breakdowns, clanging snares, over-processed and distorted percussion, disorienting, squelchy synths, pounding beats and airy ambiances, Rose Red Flechette seeks to encourage the listener to question the idea of an enlightened technological future given humanity's bloody…

Burn It
Rose Red Flechette
Splatterkore Reck-ords, Anomalistic Records2014
Burn It
Rose Red FlechetteSplatterkore Reck-ords, Anomalistic Records2014