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Cherry Vanilla

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Cherry Vanilla

Cherry Vanilla has been played on NTS in shows including Holliday Show w/ Skinny Girl Diet, featured first on 27 July 2016. Songs played include Bad Girl.

Cherry Vanilla (born Kathy Dorritie) is an publicist, singer-songwriter and early 1970's Glam rock star. She has worked as David Bowie’s publicist and previously also performed in Andy Warhol's stage show Pork.

Warhol's Pork starring Vanilla and Wayne (now Jayne) County, is cited as a direct influence on Bowie's change from floppy hatted folk singer to outrageous glitter queen in 71/72.

Vanilla was the first female to front a rock band on the NY scene, ahead of Patti Smith and…

Bad Girl
Cherry Vanilla
RCA Victor1978
Bad Girl
Cherry VanillaRCA Victor1978