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Pony Bwoy

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Pony Bwoy

Pony Bwoy has been played on NTS in shows including Latete Atoto, featured first on 28 July 2016. Songs played include My Mouth Is A Tomb.

Pony Bwoy is the latest project from rapper/singer/provocateur Jeremy Nutzman (aka Spyder Baybie Raw Dog), this time teaming up with producer Hunter Morley. Departing from his usual antics as a drugged-up after-party boy late to the club, Nutzman has now blossomed into a soulful smooth-talker, with vocal chops and rhythmic control of uncanny proportions. This transformation is no doubt a result of his collaborating with Morley and his forward thinking R&B-inspired production. The songs of Pony Bwoy vary from…

My Mouth Is A Tomb
Pony Bwoy
Totally Gross National Product2013
My Mouth Is A Tomb
Pony BwoyTotally Gross National Product2013