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Mick Softley

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Mick Softley

Mick Softley has been played on NTS shows including Black Impulse, with Time Machine first played on 6 August 2016.

Michael 'Mick' Softley (South Woodford, Essex, 1941 - 1 September 2017) was a British singer-songwriter and guitarist. A figurehead during the British folk scene, Softley set up his own folk club, released three albums and has been known to work with Mac MacLeod, Donovan Leitch and Maddy Prior. Donovan even covered two of Softley's songs ("Goldwatch Blues" and "The War Drags On") on his early recordings.

Softley grew up in Essex near Epping Forest. His mother was of Irish origin (from County Cork) and his father…

Time Machine
Mick Softley
Time Machine
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