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Yuna Zarai

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Yuna Zarai

Yuna Zarai was first played on NTS on 6 August 2016. Songs played include Sunset.

Yunalis Zarai (born November 14, 1986 in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia) or commercially known as Yuna, a Malaysian singer-songwriter.[1] Yuna is conquering Malaysia with her acoustic guitar and winning folk pop tunes – enchanting listeners with the gentle warble in her voice, a flair for old-timey pop songcraft, a bit of Feist’s soul and subtlety, and Mirah’s warmth. Her rapidly evolving sound can be incredibly stripped-down and intimate, as it is on the title track to her 2010 debut full-length Decorate, or it can have a sophisticated ’60s pop feel. This is…

The Internet, Yuna Zarai feat. Yuna Zarai
Odd Future LLC2013
The Internet, Yuna Zarai feat. Yuna ZaraiOdd Future LLC2013