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Duck Fight Goose

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Duck Fight Goose

Duck Fight Goose has been played on NTS shows including Shanghai, with History first played on 14 August 2016.

Duck Fight Goose (Chinese: 鸭打鹅) is an experimental rock band from Shanghai, formed in 2009 out of the legendary Miniless collective. The band's original line-up consisted of Han Han (also Gooooose, Lava Ox Sea a.k.a. 炎浆公牛海), Wu Shanmin a.k.a. 33 (also 33emybw, Boojii a.k.a. 波激小丝, Muscle Snog, 33 Island a.k.a. 33岛), Cao Die Yu a.k.a. Da Men (also Boojii and Hard Queen), and Wei Wei a.k.a. Panda (also Muscle Snog).

With their first EP, "FLOW", they created layers upon layers of sound, combining modern ambient post-rock with…

Duck Fight Goose
Maybe Mars, Genjing Records, Tenzenmen2012
Duck Fight GooseMaybe Mars, Genjing Records, Tenzenmen2012