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Eight Hands For Kali

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Eight Hands For Kali

Eight Hands For Kali has been played on NTS shows including Undefeated Gym w/ The Witching Hour, with Himalayan Necromantia first played on 18 August 2016.

We are devoted to the black mother temple. Allow us to see the tongue of wisdom. Please, Kali Ma, cut our heads so we can confront our egos. Hold us in your arms of sympathy. Let the battle against ignorance begin while we kiss your blood.

Eight Hands for Kali, the monolithic doom metal band formed in the wake of Great Coven, produce a tasty, unique blend of malevolence and cosmic mindfuckery - tidal waves of spiraling, psychedelic riffage. With…

Himalayan Necromantia
Eight Hands For Kali
Pariah Child2007
Himalayan Necromantia
Eight Hands For KaliPariah Child2007