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Karime Kendra

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Karime Kendra

Karime Kendra has been played on NTS shows including Ross Allen, with 90% Of Me Is You first played on 19 August 2016.

The funky diva Karime Kendra from Los Angeles, California, hit the music scene in London in 1997 with her DJ Die of Reprazent remix of her song titled 'Chemical Imbalance'. She toured world renowned Festivals such as Montreaux Jazz Festival, Glastonbury, and Pink Pop just to name a few. As her voice became more known throughout the music industry so did her stage performance. Both her ability to sing live and perform well landed her fronting Red Snapper in 1999 and 2000….

90% Of Me Is You
Karime Kendra
Scenario Records2004
90% Of Me Is You
Karime KendraScenario Records2004