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Dajuin Yao

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Dajuin Yao

Dajuin Yao has been played on NTS in shows including Awkward Movements, featured first on 20 August 2016. Songs played include Satisfaction Of Oscillation.

Dajuin Yao is a sound artist, web artist, radio DJ, and music producer based in Berkeley, California. Dajuin holds a doctoral degree in art history from the University of California, Berkeley, and is the co-founder of the Chinese Computer Music Association. A pioneer in Chinese concrete poetry and web art, Dajuin's artistic interests have always been multi-dimensional. Dajuin's music works focus on cultural listening. In recent years he has worked on the deconstruction of the Chinese language (sound, script, and meaning),…

Satisfaction Of Oscillation
Dajuin Yao
Sub Rosa2007
Satisfaction Of Oscillation
Dajuin YaoSub Rosa2007