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Andrew Weathers

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Andrew Weathers

Andrew Weathers has been played on NTS shows including Nosedrip, with For Peace And Harmony Free Titans first played on 22 August 2016.

Andrew Weathers is a young American composer and improviser originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States, but currently based in Oakland, California. His music exists in a space between improvisation and composition - equally influenced by the 20th century American minimalists and underground noise. He has a BM in Music Composition from the University of North Carolina - Greensboro, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Electronic Music at Mills College.

Weathers performs rigorously in a variety of contexts, both composed and…

For Peace And Harmony Free Titans
Andrew Weathers
Constellation Tatsu2015
For Peace And Harmony Free Titans
Andrew WeathersConstellation Tatsu2015