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Eva Bowan

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Eva Bowan

Eva Bowan has been played on NTS shows including Fractal Meat On A Spongy Bone, with Peach Parfait (Re/search/er Remix) first played on 30 August 2016.

Eva Bowan is a Polish-born Brighton (UK) based musician, graphic & sound designer, photographer and freelance illustrator.

Her interest lies in combining analogue and digital techniques, both in visual and sonic art, leading to exciting fusions of organic textures with electronic elements and glitch. Musically balancing somewhere between ambient, chillwave and experimental pop.

She creates captivating surreal worlds and soundscapes inviting on an introspective journey. Her personal works are a mixture of dreams, hidden fantasies, observing the nature and overanalysing…

Peach Parfait (Re/search/er Remix)
Eva Bowan
Not On Label (Researcher Self-released)2014
Peach Parfait (Re/search/er Remix)
Eva BowanNot On Label (Researcher Self-released)2014