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The Cougars

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The Cougars

The Cougars has been played on NTS in shows including Black Impulse, featured first on 3 September 2016. Songs played include See You In Dreamland.

The Cougars were signed to Parlophone and their first single was a rockin' arrangement of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake which they'd retitled Saturday Nite At The Duckpond. Two more singles and an EP followed but none of them matched the success of Duckpond which had climbed to a very respectable No.33 in the charts.

The line-up throughout their short career: Keith Owen (lead), Dave Tanner (rhythm), Adrian Morgan (bass) and Dave Hack (drums).

A japanese Group Sounds band. For the…
See You In Dreamland
The Cougars
See You In Dreamland
The CougarsEMI1977