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Destruction Unit

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Destruction Unit

Destruction Unit has been played on NTS shows including Black Impulse, with Final Flight first played on 3 September 2016.

Being the brainchild of Ryan Rousseau (Reatards, The Wongs, Tokyo Electron), Destruction Unit is a Sonoran Desert based psychedelic noise punk band. Having built a reputation for terrorizing crowds with sheer noise power and reckless behavior, they have been described as "a band who felt more like a horror movie than a band … With guitars that were distorted beyond belief and acted more as auxiliary noise machines than instruments" (Transmission Entertainment) and "Suicide-meets-Chrome-meets-Hawkwind-meets-Screamers-meets-the-killer-last-scene-reveals-in-all-the-alien-episodes-of-The Twilight Zone" (LA Weekly) and "punk rock" (Austin Town Hall). The…

Final Flight
Destruction Unit
Sacred Bones Records2013
Final Flight
Destruction UnitSacred Bones Records2013