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I Fagiolini

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I Fagiolini

I Fagiolini has been played on NTS shows including The Opera Show, with Lamento Della Ninfa first played on 6 September 2016.

See I Fagiolini [Ensemble] & Robert Hollingworth [Director].

I Fagiolini is an ensemble of immaculate musicianship, specialising in Renaissance vocal music (though they also perform contemporary works). Their style is dramatic and exciting, bringing out the rich emotional span of Renaissance poetry and music (‘First-rate musical actors… quite gorgeous…’ American Record Guide).

The Full Monteverdi, their film of Monteverdi madrigals using singers paired with actors is being shown on TV all over Europe.

‘I Fagiolini was founded in 1986 while the singers were students at Oxford…

Lamento Della Ninfa
I Fagiolini, Monteverdi
Lamento Della Ninfa
I Fagiolini, MonteverdiFactory1990