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Sofi De La Torre

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Sofi De La Torre

Sofi De La Torre has been played on NTS shows including GRRL, with Jungle first played on 8 September 2016.

Sofi de la Torre is a singer/songwriter from Las Palmas, currently living in London where she attends the Goldsmiths College of Arts. Her music is raw and heartfelt, with hints of folk. Her voice is naturally warm and intense, sometimes gracefully teasing. She knows how to play a tune and wield our emotions, to bring us in her fresh and authentic way, simple stories of everyday life and love. Sofi's music will remind you of something you did not know you had. And that will remain with…

Mace, Sofi De La Torre
Ciao Recs2016
Mace, Sofi De La TorreCiao Recs2016