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Barbara Pennington

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Barbara Pennington

Barbara Pennington has been played on NTS in shows including Magicwire w/ Gabriola, featured first on 8 September 2016. Songs played include On A Crowded Street.

Barbara Pennington is a Soul and Hi-NRG singer from Chicago, IL. She scored many hit songs beginning in the late 1970s with the song, "24 Hours A Day" followed by "You Are The Music In Me." Penningtons best known songs are her the hit songs "All American Boy", "Fan The Flame", "On A Crowded Street", "Way Deep Down In My Soul", "Don't Stop The World" and "Out Of The Darkest Night." In 1986 Barbara released a number of dance…

On A Crowded Street
Barbara Pennington
Record Shack Records1985
On A Crowded Street
Barbara PenningtonRecord Shack Records1985