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Alison David

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Alison David

Alison David has been played on NTS in shows including LDLDN, featured first on 10 September 2016. Songs played include Dreams Come True (Afronaught Mix) (Mix 1).

U.K. born Alison David came into the music industry from a dance fusion aspect, playing with bands such as Life's Addiction, Red Snapper, Speeka, Black Science Orchestra, Freeland and Bugz In the Attic. The solo release that put her name on the map was a remix of her song Dreams Come True by Afronaught.

Her vocals range between jazz, soul and rock and always have a tangible emotion within them. Her solo music is hard to pigeonhole although her…

Dreams Come True (Afronaught Mix) (Mix 1)
Alison David (Afronaught mix)
Goya Music2003
Dreams Come True (Afronaught Mix) (Mix 1)
Alison David (Afronaught mix)Goya Music2003