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Arnaud Rodrigues

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Arnaud Rodrigues

Arnaud Rodrigues has been played on NTS in shows including Dactylian & Palo Santo Discos, featured first on 20 September 2016. Songs played include Som Do Paulinho.

Arnaud Antônio Rodrigues (b. 1942-2010) was a Brazilian actor, singer, composer and humorist from Pernambuco. In the 70's he formed with Chico Anysio and instrumentalist Renato Piau the musical group Baiano E Os Novos Caetanos, which was a parody of the tropicália artist Caetano Veloso and the band Novos Baianos. Rodrigues played lead singer Paulinho Cabeça de Profetat ("Head Prophet"). The project yielded three studio recordings, and also began the career of Arnaud as a musician. He would…

Som Do Paulinho
Arnaud Rodrigues
RCA Victor1976
Som Do Paulinho
Arnaud RodriguesRCA Victor1976