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The Outcasts

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The Outcasts

The Outcasts has been played on NTS in shows including Carolina Soul, featured first on 23 July 2014. Songs played include Loving You Sometimes.

The Outcasts were formed in June 1977 in Belfast by the three Cowan brothers, Greg Cowan (vocals / bass), Martin Cowan (guitar/vocals), Colin Cowan (drums) and their friend Colin ‘Getty’ Getgood (guitar), playing their first gig two months later. ‘You’re A Disease’ / ‘Don’t Want To Be No Adult’ / ‘Frustration’ (It, 1978) is easily the roughest sounding early Outcasts single, ‘You’re A Disease’ stands out as the best track. ‘Frustration’ was later re-recorded for the 1982 LP ‘Blood & Thunder’.


Loving You Sometimes
The Outcasts
Loving You Sometimes
The OutcastsPlato1968