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Evil Activities

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Evil Activities

Evil Activities has been played on NTS in shows including Bubble Gum Violence, featured first on 29 February 2020. Songs played include Nobody Said It Was Easy.

Although Evil Activities nowadays 'officially' consists only of Kelly van Soest (after Telly Luyks left the group in 2003)

Two new members have joined this project:

Michael Kramer (alias DJ Dazzler) -> MC Niels van Hoeckel (alias Chaosphere) -> Keyboard However, they are only part of the live-act crew (during performance on stage).

In the studio, Evil Activities is only Kelly van Soest. Kelly is also better known as Max Enforcer in the hardstyle scene.

Nobody Said It Was Easy
Evil Activities
Neophyte Records2008
Nobody Said It Was Easy
Evil ActivitiesNeophyte Records2008